Award Winning Coupole from Vermont Creamery


Award winning Coupole from Vermont Creamery is an aged goats’ milk cheese with a wrinkly edible rind and bright, fresh cheese taste. Coupole’s allure is attributable to the intriguing contrast between the strong ripened flavor of the rind and the delicate fresh taste of its interior.

This cheese has won multiple awards including 2019 Gold with Specialty Food Association, 2nd place in 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest and 3rd place n 2019 World Championship Cheese Contest.

$19.99 per 6.5 ounce Coupole

Paring suggestions:
Crunchy – Warm Pistachios
Wine – Riesling
Sweet – Blueberry Honey
Savory – Chile Peppers
Beer – Lambic
Wild Card – Cocoa Nibs
2019 Sofi™ Award – Gold

2020 World Championship Cheese Contest – Second Place
2019 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest – Third Place
2018 American Cheese Society 2018 American Cheese Society – Third Place

Save 10% when you purchase both the cheese and wine

Photography and food styling by Laura Conrow.


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