Cheese Fondue To Go Everyday!


Everyone Loves Fondue!

What’s not to love about ooey, gooey, melted cheese!  We came up with a Fondue Kit which contains everything you’ll need to enjoy the cooler days with delicious cheese fondue at home.  Of course, this traditional Swiss one-pot meal is best enjoyed with friends!

Fondue Kit Includes:

Our house blend of Alpine style and other great melting cheeses already grated and ready to melt, the wine needed to make the fondue, Kirsch (a key ingredient), French baguette and cornichons.  Sliced Jamon Iberico is an available dipping option, email us to add on to your order.  Here’s the chance to be creative with your own dipping choices.  We recommend steamed cauliflower, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, salami, baby potatoes, apples, meatballs, steak, shrimp…..the possibilities are endless.

Cooking Instructions:

No special equipment is required to make or serve the fondue.  If you are a fan of garlic, cut a clove in half and rub it on the inside of a medium saucepan and your serving dish or fondue pot.  Warm about a cup of wine in the saucepan (use the Riesling, or another white wine that you have on-hand), then slowly whisk in the grated cheese (and the garlic if desired) until incorporated.  Once the mixture is fully melted, whisk in the Kirsch and you’re done!  If you have a bit of ground nutmeg on hand, add it too for another layer of flavor.  Transfer the cheese to a warmed heatproof dish or fondue pot.  Enjoy with cubed bread and other accompaniments (and good friends!).

$19.99 Per Person – Cheese Fondue Kit
(6 ounces of cheese per person, 2 person minimum)
$18.56 3 ounces of Jamon Iberico, fresh sliced (email us to add-on)

Recommended Pairings:
If you like new world wines (fruit forward, full bodied) you’ll love our delicious Dashe Zinfandel Reserve 2017 $34.99
If you prefer old world wines (European, more earthy and less fruit driven) you’ll love Roger Sabon Chateauneuf-du-Pape $38.99
or try Dr. Loosen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Kabinett 2017 $30.99.  This riesling is off dry, meaning it has some residual sugar and the  hint of sweetness is very good with the fondue. This wine would be especially good if they use the same wine when they make the fondue.

Save 10% when you purchase cheese and recommended wine.

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