Membership Club: George T Stagg Bourbon Whiskey


Nose: Burnt caramel, dark chocolate, cigar box, charred oak, stewed apples, rumtopf, light before becoming potent

Palate: Spice, vanilla, leather, straight-forward, rich but not overly bold

Finish: Vanilla, caramel, graham cracker, slight mustiness, dry, flush of heat before subsiding, cinnamon aftertaste, long & complex

Overall: George T. Stagg Bourbon is rich and full across the senses with a great balance existing across the entire whiskey. It’s bold yet elegant in its delivery and even though it’s knocking on the door of 140 proof it’s very easy to drink. It’s something I can’t help but love. This is a bourbon worth waiting in a line for.

Membership price: $149.99

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