Majorero PDO Maxorata


Maxorata is a Majorero cheese produced in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) with un pasteurized milk from the Majorera goat. This award winning cheese has a creamy, smooth and buttery with a mouth-watering, long-lasting flavor and a tender yet firm texture. Fresh, rich flavor with a subtle aftertaste of walnuts and dried fruits. lactic taste with light goat tones.

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1/2 pound $16.99

Suggested Paring:

Typically served as a dessert with quince paste or guava (A favorite in the Canary Islands).  A bit tangy but robust to the taste.  Majorero can also be served as a snacking cheese, a dessert cheese and goes well with pasta, fruits and vegetables.

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Photography and food styling by Laura Conrow.

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