Montaraz Jamon Iberico, Free Range, back leg



Montaraz Jamon Iberico, Free Range, back leg: Montaraz is a family owned and operated company in Spain, which uses traditional practices to produce top quality Iberico ham. The company uses 100% pure-breed acorn fed Iberico pigs that spend their lives wandering in a natural forest environment. The ham is aged more than 36 months with natural curing. 100% natural, Nitrate free. This boneless back leg jamon has sweeter meat which is leaner and has less intense flavor than the shoulder cut (front leg). Fresh sliced to order. Generally, 1 oz per person would be a generous serving. You won’t find Iberico ham anywhere else in Reno!

1/4 lb $24.75
1/3 lb $32.99
1/2 lb $49.50

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1/4 pound, 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound