POPS’ Famous Brand Blended Canadian Whisky


Canadian Whisky

Distiller Notes:

Whisky…the way whisky used to be
During Prohibition, as the demand in the United States for illegal Canadian Whisky rose, the Canadian government approved regulations for the addition of up to 9.09% of “other ingredients” – neutral grain spirit, to modern day Orange Wine, sugar, glycerine, etc – to extend inventory.  The ‘rule’ stands today in most Canadian Whisky in the US.

We knew we could do better by producing it the old fashioned way, not the modern/mass produced manner. Nothing added – no sugar, no glycerine, no neutral spirit or Orange Wine to “cut” or extend the yield…Whisky, the way whisky used to be! So we set out to do just that. We found a partner distillery in Quebec. We selected the barrels – 3 – 14 year old barrels filled with Corn and Rye Whisky – shipped them to AUSTIN, TEXAS, carefully blended them together, and proofed the batch down to 42% ABV with Texas Hill Country Spring Water.  Just Oak aged whisky and Texas spring water.


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