Roquefort Gabriel Coulet


The award winning Roquefort Gabriel Coulet is a creamy, delicious version made by a family that is now in its fifth generation of making cheese. As with all Roqueforts, this blue cheese is made from raw sheep’s milk and aged in special caves in the Roquefort region of France. Its white paste with its many bluish marblings and velvety appearance will delight your senses with its undergrowth scents and its fine taste presence. The signature of the family home, this melting and delicate Roquefort will reveal in the mouth all its aroma.

Like a good wine, the Roquefort Gabriel Coulet is best served at room temperature. Leave it out at least one hour before serving.
It will bring out all its softness and you should notice a rich ensemble of aromas interacting in harmony with its refined taste.

Enjoy this on your favorite crispy bread with a great Port, you’ll be in heaven!

1/4 pound $6.64
1/3 pound $8.86
1/2 pound $13.29

Save 10% when you purchase both the cheese and wine

Photography and food styling by Laura Conrow.

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