Smoked Gouda


Smoked Gouda cheese infuses traditional Gouda’s buttery, nutty taste with a pleasantly smoky flavor, giving this cheese remarkable depth.  It has a gentle, yet distinctive smoke aroma, the texture is firm and flavors are pleasantly light, with a sweet maple flavor enhanced with a more meaty umami bacon flavor.   This smoked Gouda is sure to stand out on any cheese platter thanks to its distinctively bold flavor.

Suggested Paring:
Pairs wonderfully with Zinfandel, Merlot, Pinot Noir or Dunkelweizen.  Ask us for assistance and we’re happy to suggest a pairing for your specific occasion.

Its firm yet creamy quality helps to deliver a gentle smokiness to any sandwich, especially paninis and burgers. It also harmonizes nicely with the rich flavors of cherries, nuts and dark chocolate.

1/4 pound $2.99
1/3 pound $3.99
1/2 pound $5.99

Save 10% when you purchase both the cheese and wine

Photography and food styling by Laura Conrow.

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