Ten to Chi “Heaven & Earth” Junmai


Four Hot Words: Dry, Clean, Medium-bodied, & Food-friendly

The nose on this very unique Daiginjo is a cool collection of rice, soil, toast and wheat aromas. This brew tastes like “Heaven and Earth” rich and gamey, soily and smooth, minerally and clean, but it doesn’t taste like a typical fruity Daiginjo. There are very wonderful earthy and veggie flavors that reduce down into a stunning raisin and molasses sweetness that delivers like brown sugar and cocoa when the fluid warms. Definitely a “different” premium brew that should call out to all those sake explorers who want to rock the Daiginjo boat. A very solid food pairing brew.

WORD: Brown Sugar

FOODS: “prosciutto, duck, chicken, sashimi.”


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