Truffle Pecorino


Sheep’s milk, Italy

Pecorino simply means “sheep” and in the cheese world, we usually associate it with an aged sheep milk cheese.  This beauty is no exception.  Firm, crunchy and full of thick slices of black truffle, we think this cheese will warm your soul!   Not overpowering, it will add just the right amount of umami earthiness to many of your favorite dishes .  It’s also delightful on its own as a snack and a stunner on your cheese board.

Price: 1/4 lb $9.00, 1/3 lb $11.88, 1/2 lb $18.00

Wine Pairing: We love it with the MacRostie Pinot Noir.

Photography and food styling by Laura Conrow.

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1/4 pound, 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound

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